John Schmeelk

Schmeelk: Thibodeau Is Obvious Answer To Knicks' Coaching DilemmaThis needs to be a simple decision for Phil Jackson: Find the best head coach possible regardless of the system he favors.
Schmeelk: Knicks Can Find Better Coach Than Fisher, But Did He Deserve The Ax?When all is said and done, it might end up being a good thing for the long-term health of the franchise, but it is still puzzling.
Schmeelk: How And When Do Knicks Take Next Step?The Knicks could easily be in a position next summer in which they do not have enough money to offer a max contract to someone if their players don’t opt out of their deals.
Schmeelk: It’s February, And The Knicks' Problems Haven’t ChangedThe Knicks are better, but much like we said before the season, they still have a lot of flaws.
Schmeelk: Kristaps Porzingis Is Jack of All Trades, Master Of NoneTwo nights ago, Kristaps Porzingis had one of the many “welcome to the NBA” moments that all rookies have over the course of their first season.
Schmeelk: Fisher, Porzingis Still Learning; Melo Willing Knicks To WinsThe Knicks held on and beat the Jazz in overtime on Wednesday night, despite a bad decision by head coach Derek Fisher at the end of the game.
Schmeelk: Knicks Must Avoid Past Pitfalls, Pray Porzingis Stays HealthyThe Knicks turned into their former selves on Monday, almost with disastrous results.
Schmeelk: Knicks Found A Way To Earn Their Best Win Of The SeasonThe Knicks had no business winning that game Tuesday night, but they came together and figured out a way. That’s what good teams do.
Schmeelk: All These Years Later, Melo May Finally Be 'The One'Carmelo Anthony is a different player. Some would say a much-improved player. And because of that the Knicks are the furthest thing from the doormat they were last season.
Schmeelk: Knicks' Fisher Is Definitely Learning From His MistakesThere’s still a ways to go, but the Knicks might just have a coach on their hands.
Schmeelk: 12 Days' Worth Of Christmas Wishes For The KnicksThe Knicks are much improved, but can be even better if Santa hooks them up with some tactical and personnel upgrades.
Schmeelk: Knicks Face Obstacles In Quest To Be Better-Than-.500 ClubThe Knicks' loss on Monday featured many of the same problems that were concerns at the start of the season.

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