Jonathan Roth

Raymond Roth (credit: CBS 2)

Raymond Roth Sentenced For Faking Death, Impersonating Police

Raymond Roth was sentenced to 2 1/3 years to 7 years in prison Thursday and ordered to more than $36,000 in restitution to the Coast Guard and Nassau County police.


Raymond Roth (credit: CBS 2)

Sentencing Pushed Back For L.I. Man Who Faked His Own Drowning

Raymond Roth, who pleaded guilty in March 2013, faces a maximum sentence of 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison. He has already agreed to pay restitution for the costs incurred during the rescue effort.


Raymond Roth (credit: CBS 2)

L.I. Man Who Faked His Own Death Due In Court To Face Charges In Separate Case

Police said Raymond Roth, 49, impersonated an officer and attempted to kidnap a woman in Freeport just hours after accepting a plea deal in his 2012 fake-drowning case.


Jonathan Roth (credit: CBS 2)

L.I. Man Who Helped Fake Father’s Death Gets Year In Jail

Jonathan Roth, 23, of Massapequa pleaded guilty last year to falsely reporting an incident and was originally expected to receive no jail time, but lost the deal after jumping bail.


Jonathan Roth (credit: CBS 2)

No Bail For L.I. Man Who Helped Fake Father’s Death

Jonathan Roth, 23, appeared Friday in Nassau County Court. He was captured Thursday by a bail bondsman, who tracked him to Ohio and brought him back to Long Island.


Jonathan Roth

L.I. Man Brought Home In Handcuffs After Skipping Sentencing

Jonathan Roth was tracked down in Ohio and brought back to a Nassau County Jail by a bail bonds company. A warrant was issued for Roth’s arrest after he skipped a sentencing hearing.


Jonathan Roth

Man Who Helped Fake Father’s Death Misses Sentencing Hearing

The man who helped fake his father’s disappearance in Long Island has now pulled his own disappearing act, prosecutors said.


Raymond Roth after his arrest on March 27, 2013 (credit: Nassau County Police)

Atty. For L.I. Man Who Faked Death Says Client Has ‘Serious Psychiatric Issues’

Raymond Roth, 48, was arraigned Thursday in First District Court in Hempstead. He is being held without bail and is due back in court on April 24.


Raymond Roth (credit: CBS 2)

Police: Man Who Faked His Own Death Has Now Been Impersonating A Cop

A man who recently pleaded guilty to faking his own death was in trouble again this week – this time for impersonating a police officer and trying to kidnap women in Nassau County.


Raymond Roth (credit: Nassau County District Attorney's Office)

L.I. Man Accused Of Faking His Own Death Enters Guilty Plea

Under the terms of the plea deal, Raymond Roth has agreed to serve 90 days in jail and five years of probation, according to the Nassau County district attorney.


Jonathan Roth (L), Raymond Roth (R) (credit: CBS 2)

Son Of L.I. Man Reported Missing In Hoax Says Father Threatened His Life

Jonathan Roth, who is facing felony charges and prison time, is now telling a far different story from the one he told authorities on July 28, when he reported seeing his father disappear.


Raymond Roth (credit: CBS 2)

L.I. Man Accused Of Faking His Own Death Arrested Again

Nassau County prosecutors say Raymond Roth is accused of contacting his estranged wife by telephone on Wednesday night. She has an order of protection.


Raymond Roth Leaving Jail (credit: CBS 2)

Raymond Roth, Once-Missing Jones Beach Swimmer, Pleads Not Guilty

Raymond Roth faces charges of insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and falsely reporting an incident.


Jonathan Roth on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012 (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Jonathan Roth, Son Of Once-Missing Jones Beach Swimmer, Out On Bail

Jonathan Roth had a brief court appearance Tuesday. He has pleaded not guilty to insurance fraud, conspiracy and falsely reporting an incident.


Jonathan Roth's mugshot. (credit: Nassau PD)

Jonathan Roth’s Girlfriend: Father Deserves Jail, Not Son

Investigators say Jonathan Roth aided in his father’s allegedly false disappearance in an attempted insurance scheme. Now, Jonathan’s girlfriend is speaking out.