Joseph Lozito

Maksim Gelman (credit: NYPD)

Maksim Gelman Sentenced In Slashing Of Subway Rider During Stabbing Spree

When Gelman was given his chance to speak today he said, “All I have to say is Kim Kardashian, will you marry me? I’ll make it last more than 72 days.”


Maksim Gelman (credit: NYPD)

Maksim Gelman Gets 200 Years For Deadly Spree Across NYC

The boyfriend of victim Yelena Bulchenko had a near confrontation with Gelman Wednesday before the judge temporarily ordered Gelman out of the courtroom.


Maksim Gelman (credit: NYPD)

Maksim Gelman Admits To Subway Slashing In Violence Spree Across City

A man who had already acknowledged killing four people in a rampage of stabbings, carjackings and other crimes has admitted slashing a subway passenger at the end of his violence spree in New York City.


Maksim Gelman (credit: NYPD)

Maksim Gelman, Convicted In NYC Stabbing Spree, To Be Sentenced Next Week

Maksim Gelman pleaded guilty to murder and other charges in a February 2011 spree that included fatally running down a pedestrian, carjacking and attacking a subway rider.


Maksim Gelman, of Brooklyn, who is accused of going on a 28-hour stabbing rampage through New York City, center rear, is lead by officers at the 61st Precinct in Brooklyn borough Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011. (AP Photo/David Karp)

Maksim Gelman Arraigned In Subway Stabbing Of 3 Train Passenger

Gelman said nothing and did not enter a plea as he was arraigned on attempted murder and assault charges.


Joseph Lozito

Exclusive: Horror, Heroism On The 3 Train

One man who was wounded during the Sheepshead Bay murder spree last weekend has a second chance at life now — and he owes it all to a quick thinking stranger, who bravely stepped up.