Questions Arise About Correction Commissioner's Testimony About Out-Of-State Car UseThe embattled commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction is caught in a yet another scandal – this time facing accusations of lying to the City Council, which is a crime.
DOI Commissioner: DOC Improperly Eavesdropped On Calls Between DOI Staff, Confidential InformantsThe alleged spying occurred "over a period of months this year" and "city rules expressly prohibit surveillance by DOC of calls made to DOI investigators," DOI Commissioner Mark Peters said.
CBS2 Exclusive: Questions Surround de Blasio’s Defense Of City Corrections CommissionerA new discovery about the city's correction commissioner using a city car for personal trips out of state has the officers' union saying 'double standards.'
De Blasio: Correction Commissioner Didn't Know He Was Doing Anything Wrong When He Misused CarMayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday offered a stunning defense of his correction commissioner and the official’s use of a city car to take more than 18,000 miles of out-of-state trips.
De Blasio Defends Jails Commissioner Ponte After Daily News SlamMayor Mill de Blasio defended his corrections commissioner Monday, after a New York Daily News editorial called for his ouster following a record-breaking month of inmate violence in city lockups.
Mom Sues After Inmate Son Kills Himself At RikersQuannell Offley, who died Dec. 3, 2013, just days after using a bedsheet tied from an air vent to commit suicide, needed mental health treatment but was instead ignored, a lawyer for Desdemona Offley said Wednesday.
Jail Boss Fires 6 NYC Guards In 2012 Inmate BeatingJail investigators found Robert Hinton, with his arms tied and legs shackled, suffered a broken nose and other injuries for refusing to be escorted in a now-shuttered solitary confinement dorm for mentally ill inmates.
Feds Sue New York City Over Rikers Island Jail ViolenceFederal prosecutors sued New York City on Thursday to speed the pace of reforms to address what a Justice Department investigation found was a "deep-seated culture of violence'' against young inmates at the Rikers Island jail complex.

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