Joy White

Ann Pettway (L), Carlina White (R) (credit: CBS 2)

Ann Pettway Pleads Guilty In Decades-Old Harlem Kidnapping Case

Ann Pettway turned herself in to the FBI last January and was charged with felony kidnapping after admitting to abducting Carlina White in 1987.


Ann Pettway (L), Carlina White (R) (credit: CBS 2)

U.S. Attorney Expects Guilty Plea From Ann Pettway, Charged With Kidnapping Baby 24 Years Ago

Ann Pettway faces up to 20 years in prison, but Carlina White’s family said she should serve the same amount of time their girl was missing.


Ann Pettway (credit: AP)

Woman Charged With Snatching Baby In Harlem In 1987 Enters Plea

Ann Pettway firmly responded “yes sir” when a judge asked if she was pleading not guilty to a kidnapping charge Thursday. She is charged with kidnapping Carlina White in 1987.


Carlina White Then and Now (credit: CBS)

NYC Mom Wants Relationship With Long-Lost Daughter

Joy White said that she and Carlina White were like strangers and that she wants to spend time with her so they can get to know each other.


Carlina White (credit: CBS 2)

Family Speaks Out After Kidnapped Daughter Returns

White told relatives she was taken to Connecticut and raised in an abusive home by a woman identified by police sources as Mary Pettway.


Carlina White

Woman Kidnapped As Infant In ’87 Tracks Down Birth Parents

It sounds like something out of a movie — a baby kidnapped from a hospital ward more than two decades ago. She’s now 23 and recently down her birth parents after being raised by another family.