Judge Susan Nelson

DeMaurice Smith (credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Kallas Remarks: NFL Lockout Negotiations More Important Than Appeal

This argument is all about the staying power of the players. If they are willing to go the distance, even with the expected loss in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, the NFL could actually miss some games this year.


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (credit: AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Kallas: To Stay Or Not To Stay, That Is The Question

The three judges of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals now have time to rule on the motion for a stay pending the appeal. If that stay is granted, the NFL lockout will continue.


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Kallas: So, Is The NFL Lockout Over?

Judge Susan Nelson, in federal district court in Minnesota, refused to grant the NFL a stay of her previous ruling, which ruling held that there could not continue to be a lockout by the owners of the players.


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Kallas: The Judge Rules – The Latest On The NFL Lockout

Hard to believe that a federal judge in Minnesota would be the one to recognize the interests of NFL fans. But that’s exactly what Judge Nelson did at page 87 of her opinion.