Keith Zeier

Keith Zeier (credit: CBS 2)

L.I. Wounded Warrior Shares Message Of Hope For Boston Bombing Victims

A local wounded warrior shared his message of hope Wednesday for the survivors of the bombings, especially those who lost limbs in the attack.


Former Marine Keith Zeier suits up in mountain-climbing gear (credit: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Iraq War Amputee Survives After Getting Caught In Avalanche

Due to his injuries from the fall, Keith Zeier is temporarily unable to wear his prosthetic leg because he says his stump is too swollen.


Marine Sgt. Keith Zeier (credit: Personal Photo)

L.I. Marine Survives 800-Foot Fall Caused By Avalanche On Mt. Washington

The avalanche hit the team Thursday night, sending Marine Sgt. Keith Zeier and two others tumbling 800 feet.