Kevin Harrington

(credit: CBS 2)

Transport Workers Union Handing Out Bloody MetroCards To Subway Riders

The transit workers union is sending a grim message, reminding straphangers of the dangers of the subway system.


Local track at 14th Street A/C/E subway station in Manhattan (file / credit: Evan Bindelglass / CBSNewYork)

MTA Chief Pushes Back Against TWU On Subway Slowdown

An executive with the transit union went up against the acting chairman of the MTA today on the subject of subway safety and train speed.


The No. 1 train. (credit: Jesse Zanger/

Transit Union Urging Subway Operators To Slow Down

Fliers were distributed last week by the Transport Workers Union Local 100 asking train operators to “enter every station as if there is a pair of yellow lanterns at the entrance.”