A surveillance image of a suspect police believe woke a woman up by kissing and groping a woman on a D Train in Brooklyn. (Credit: NYPD)

Police: Man Kissed, Grabbed Chest Of Sleeping Woman On Subway In Brooklyn

A woman woke up on a D Train in southern Brooklyn late last month to find a strange man grabbing her chest and kissing her, police said Tuesday.


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Lawsuit: Conn. Girl Kicked Out Of Camp After Kissing Boy

A lawsuit filed Monday claims a Connecticut girl was “humiliated” and “embarrassed” after she was kicked out of sleep-away camp after kissing a boy.


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Seen At 11: Kiss Your Way To Better Health This Valentine’s Day

The real gift that you get this Valentine’s Day may the gift of better health, if you get a kiss from that special someone.


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Study: Kissing Your Dog Can Transmit Disease

Japanese researches took dental plaque specimens from 66 dogs and 81 people from the families who own them. Several different kinds of bacteria found in more than two thirds of the dogs’ mouths were found in their owners’.