Kwik Meal

Grilled Chicken Breast From Kwik Meal

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast Over Rice From Kwik Meal

Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food. Today for lunch we went to one of the first street food vendors to raise the level of […]


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Fish & Shrimp Biryani From Kwik Meal

The grilled fish was a mild white fish that was cooked perfectly. It flaked when you stuck a fork into it, and I dipped it into the white yogurt sauce that was included on the side. The combination of green hot sauce and creamy yogurt sauce was just right for the fish.


Chicken Chili from the Biryani Cart (Image from

NYC’s Top Street Meat

New Yorkers can be divided between those who don’t go near street meat and those who believe it one of the most delicious, efficient ways to consume home-style savory lunches that cannot be found elsewhere.