Brinckerhoff Cemetery has graves dating back to 1730. (Credit: CBS 2)

Queens Residents Celebrate As Brinckerhoff Cemetery Achieves Landmark Status

People in Queens said that allowing a developer to build on the Brinckerhoff Cemetery would have been a grave injustice, but on Tuesday night they’re celebrating a landmark victory.


(credit: CBS 2)

S.I. Woman Rescued After Falling Into Cistern In New Brighton

Officials say the woman and her husband had recently purchased the home and were doing a survey in the back of the house when the woman fell 12 feet down into a cistern after some floorboards gave way.


Empire State Building (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Empire State Building To Get Modernized Elevators

The office and retail tower and Otis Elevator Co., the nation’s best-known elevator manufacturer, were set to announce Thursday a partnership to replace and modernize the building’s elevators to bring them into the computer age and reduce passenger wait time.


Resident Fighting To Save Yonkers Bath House

City officials said public bath house No. 4 in Yonkers is structurally unsound and needs to be demolished, but one resident is fighting to save it from the wrecking ball.


The exterior of the Hotel Chelsea - New York, NY - Jun 25, 2007 - Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Historic Hotel Chelsea Up For Sale

The 1883 building has offered short and long-term shelter for some of the world’s most celebrated artists including Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Arthur Miller and Eugene O’Neil.


Tyler Clementi plays the violin. (credit: CBS 2)

NY Aims At Preventing Suicidal Jumps

Tyler Clementi’s intentions were clear: He was going to jump off the George Washington Bridge.


AP Photo

Sides Dig In Over Empire State Building Rival Proposal

A skyscraper-sized battle is shaping up between owners of the Empire State Building and developers of a proposed tower that may be built a few blocks away.


Empire State Building (credit: AP)

Empire State Building Getting A Skyscraping Neighbor?

The Empire State Building is a New York City icon, but it could soon be getting a very large neighbor — a huge new skyscraper.