Len Suzio

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Connecticut Legislature To Vote On Capping Gas Tax

Since last year, we’ve been telling you about Connecticut St. Sen. Len Suzio’s calls to lower the gas tax there. Now something is being done about it.


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Shoe’s On Other Foot: Now Republicans Blaming Democrats For High Gas Prices

Some are blaming President Barack Obama for the sky-high gas prices, claiming he wants to help enforce the “use-less gas lifestyle” he wants Americans to adopt.


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Connecticut Lawmaker Continues Push To Lower Gas Tax

On top of the 25 cent a gallon state tax is a floating tax that rises and falls with the price of gas. Right now, that’s an additional tax of 25 cents per gallon.


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Connecticut Lawmaker Steps Up Pressure To Bring Down Gas Tax

St. Sen. Len Suzio is coralling the help of Connecticut’s citizens to cap a tax on gasoline in the Nutmeg State.


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Connecticut State Senator Calls For Lowering Of Gasoline Tax

When consumers go to the gas pump in Connecticut, they pay two taxes.