4.24.13 Milly Almodovar

10 Beauty Tips For Spring

Milly Almodovar, beauty editor at ‘Cosmo for Latinas,’ joined The Couch to share with us some hot new beauty trends, and quick fixes for make-up mistakes we all make.


3.25.13 Cutting Edge Beauty

Latest Beauty Trend: 9 ‘Detox’ Health & Make-Up Products

Beauty expert Anna De Souza joined us on The Couch to show us some cutting edge products that claim to ‘detox’ your body as they make you beautiful.


2.28.13 Beauty Brain Teasers

Beauty Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

There are a lot of beauty beliefs out there that many of us live by. Beauty and lifestyle expert Sarah Eggenberger visited The Couch to decode some of the most popular beauty myths out there.


1.30.13 Beauty Boosters

Simple ‘Makeovers’: Easy Expert Tricks For An Instant Beauty Boost

Who can’t use a beauty boost this time of year? The harsh weather is not a girl’s best friend.


(credit: Clipart)

The 6 Best Places For A Makeover In New York

Harsh winter weather can do damage to our skin – and our moods. What better time for a feel good makeover that regenerates body and mind? Here are some good local venues that can turn winter drab into winter fab.


1.16.13 Buy it or DIY it

Buy It Or DIY It? Home Remedies Whiten Teeth, Heal Dry Skin, Clear Acne & More

There are so many beauty products out there — but you don’t need to go beyond your own kitchen to get gorgeous.


1.7.13 Makeup trends

Bold Beauty Trends For The New Year

Big and bold — this is the style for 2013 when it comes to hair and make-up. Find out how to pull off these looks in the new year.


1.2.13 Beauty Tips 2

Fact Or Fiction? Clearing Up Popular Beauty Myths

Does chocolate cause acne? Can white wine stain your teeth? In the quest to look as good as we can, we sometimes follow certain beauty ‘tips’ that turn out to be more fiction than fact.


Fall Beauty Tips

Fall Beauty: Best Beauty Trends For The Upcoming Season

Autumn is just around the corner – it’s time to change your look. But with so many beauty products out there, it’s not always easy to figure out what’s hot and what’s not.