Romney Touts 'Better Future' Under His Leadership, Rips Obama For 'Disappointment And Division'After accepting the GOP nomination for president, Mitt Romney turned to criticism of Obama, saying the time had "come for us to put the disappointments of the last four years behind us."
Romney Readies For Big Night, Speech To Millions At RNCThe speech marked his big opportunity to reintroduce himself to the American people, counteract the negative ads that have filled the air waves and convince people he can fix what ails this country.
Ryan Lowers The Boom On Obama During RNC Vice Presidential SpeechThe gloves came off at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan stepped into the spotlight and focused his frustration on President Barack Obama.
Christie Leaves Indelible Mark At RNC, Already High Stock SkyrocketsIt took New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 16 minutes to mention presidential candidate Mitt Romney during his keynote speech. But that hasn’t stopped his rock star-like ascension in the party.
Ann Romney's Charm Offensive Continues Following Strong RNC SpeechOn Wednesday, Ann Romney continued her charm offensive to boost her husband's image. Her high-profile events put her in a sense in a toe-to-toe competition with first lady Michelle Obama.
Gov. Christie Declares 'Washington Is Out Of Excuses' In RNC Keynote Address Christie criticized the nation's leaders who have "decided it is more important to be popular" than do "what's required," while touting Mitt Romney as a man who would "tell us the hard truths" to "make our country great again."
Christie On Keynote Address At RNC: 'I’m On Lockdown, Baby'With Isaac moving away from Tampa, the Republican National Convention is finally in full swing. Taking center stage on Tuesday night will be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
N.J. Delegates Send Message To The Country: 'Chris Christie America's Governor'It was clear from what went on on the convention stage Tuesday that the Garden State’s governor clearly plans to use his turn as the star in Tampa for some campaigning.
'Hurricane' Christie Arrives, Rallies Delegates Ahead Of RNC Keynote AddressAs of 5 p.m. on Monday, presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney still had not arrived in Tampa so the biggest GOP star in attendance at the time seemed to be N.J. Gov. Chris Christie.

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