Mayor Phil Amicone

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Hundreds Laid Off As Yonkers Schools Face Crippling Budget Crunch

There’s high anxiety in New York’s fourth largest city, as Yonkers schools face crushing program cuts in a faceoff between the city and its teachers union.


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More Than 700 Yonkers School Employees Handed Pink Slips

Yonkers public schools played host to a pink slip blizzard on Friday, with 700 employees losing their jobs. The district made the cuts in the face of a $42 million budget gap.


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Schools Will Bear Brunt Of Yonkers Budget Woes

Major layoffs are looming in New York’s fourth largest city. Yonkers is facing yet another budget crisis, with schools enduring much of the pain.


Philip Amicone

Yonkers Mayor Says Final Year Is Bittersweet

Years ago Yonkers may not have been the most desirable place to live, but Mayor Amicone says that’s changed.


Yonkers Mayor Vetoes Bedbug-Control Bill

The mayor of Yonkers has vetoed a bedbug-control bill that would have required old mattresses to be wrapped in plastic bags.


Residents of the Father Pat Carroll Green affordable housing development say the found pipes, toilet seats and mufflers in the backyards of their new homes.

New Homeowners Sue Yonkers Over Shoddy Construction

It was supposed to give first-time homebuyers in Yonkers a chance at “the American dream,” but they say when they say when they moved in, the nightmare began.