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Possible Link Between Melanoma, Viagra Could Have Users Feeling A Little Blue

The study is worrisome, 25,000 male health professionals were followed for ten years. During that time researchers tracked which men developed melanoma, and whether they took Viagra.


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May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

After the long winter, it’s not a surprise everyone is gearing up to enjoy some fun outdoors this summer. Before heading out to catch some rays, think about protecting your skin.


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What To Do When Summer Fun Ends In Injury

Summer is in full swing and the kids are out having fun, but what happens when all that running around ends with accidents and injuries?


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NJ May Ban The Use Of Tanning Beds By Kids Under 17

New Jersey lawmakers may soon vote on a compromise measure that would bar anyone under 17 from using indoor tanning beds.


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B&C Morning Show: Bill Cowher Has A Thing Or Two To Say

Bill Cowher graced Boomer & Craig with his presents this morning in the Allstate Studio and was in a bit of a chatty mood.


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Health Advocates Want All N.J. Minors Banned From Tanning Salons

The American Cancer Society says the rate of skin cancer, otherwise known as melanoma, has increased in the Garden State by 43 percent over the last 10 years and says indoor tanning booths are a major factor.


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HealthWatch: Sunscreen Label Changes

The FDA will require manufacturers to test sunscreens for protection against both types of ultraviolet rays. UVB rays cause burning, UVA rays cause wrinkling, and both cause cancer.


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HealthWatch: Melanoma Medication

Researchers say vemurafenib is a breakthrough and cause for celebration when it comes to slowing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.


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‘Don’t Fry Day’ Promotes Awareness For Skin Cancer Prevention

If you head to the beach this Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget your sunscreen.


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Jets’ Rex: Dad, Buddy Ryan, Battling Cancer

Not surprisingly, Rex Ryan managed to needle the Patriots, once again, during the NFL’s annual coaches breakfast on Tuesday. Then the Jets’ outspoken coach delivered a true shocker to the Daily News.


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HealthWatch: Surgery-Less Skin Cancer Detection

Malignant melanoma is the deadliest of all skin cancers. It’s very curable if caught at an early stage, which usually involves surgical biopsies, but medical-grade tape may help patients avoid going under the knife.


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HealthWatch: Melanoma Drug

Dr. Max Gomez reports there’s an experimental drug to treat advanced melanoma that is having stunning success.


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New Drug Offers Skin Cancer Patients Hope, More Time

A new treatment for skin cancer is giving patients in the final stage of the disease more time – and more hope.