Melissa Petro

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Ex-Stripper-Turned-Teacher Petro Moves On

Melissa Petro, the woman who admitted to being a stripper and prostitute before becoming a Bronx art teacher, said she has reinvented herself as a memoirist.


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Admitted Ex-Prostitute Teacher, Melissa Petro, Faces Trial

Melissa Petro, 30, is a tenured teacher at P.S. 70 in the Claremont section of the Bronx three weeks after blogging for the Huffington Post. She admitted she worked as a stripper and, briefly, as a prostitute before she got her teaching job.


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Mayor: Stripper Saga 1 More Reason To End Tenure

She went from stripper to prostitute to teacher. And then she got job security — in the form of tenure. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it’s one more reason to end the system that basically gives teachers lifetime job security.


Melissa Petro

Alleged Stripper Teacher Runs From CBS 2

After days of hiding out from cameras, suspended Bronx teacher Melissa Petro finally surfaced Tuesday. But despite her past speeches about her former life as a prostitute, the young woman wouldn’t talk.


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Parents React To Bronx Teacher’s Prostitute Past

A teacher at a Bronx elementary school is on administrative duty after speaking out about her life as a prostitute and a stripper.