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Videos Of Loved Ones Used To Spur Memories In Dementia Patients

Some people are trying something different when it comes to their relatives who have dementia.


Exercisers take part in cardiovascular training at a New York City gym. (Credit CBS 2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Regular Exercise Could Prevent Memory Loss

For many people the biggest fears associated with aging are memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.


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Putting A Memory Champion To The Test

Most of us have trouble remembering what we had for breakfast yesterday — let alone recalling long lists of names and numbers. But that’s a not a problem for two-time USA Memory Champion Ron White.


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Seen At 11: Rare Mental Condition Gives Actress Henner Super-Human Memory

Most people are able to recall big moments in their lives, but a select few are able to recall minute details of almost every day.


Brain games can help soldiers adjust to life after war.(Credit:CBS2)

New Excerises Focus On Mental Health

Everyone knows that exercise is great for keeping your body in shape, but there are also exercises to keep your brain in top shape.