Exercisers take part in cardiovascular training at a New York City gym. (Credit CBS 2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Regular Exercise Could Prevent Memory Loss

For many people the biggest fears associated with aging are memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.


2.6.13 Ron White

Putting A Memory Champion To The Test

Most of us have trouble remembering what we had for breakfast yesterday — let alone recalling long lists of names and numbers. But that’s a not a problem for two-time USA Memory Champion Ron White.


Credit CBS 2

Seen At 11: Rare Mental Condition Gives Actress Henner Super-Human Memory

Most people are able to recall big moments in their lives, but a select few are able to recall minute details of almost every day.


Brain games can help soldiers adjust to life after war.(Credit:CBS2)

New Excerises Focus On Mental Health

Everyone knows that exercise is great for keeping your body in shape, but there are also exercises to keep your brain in top shape.