Suffolk County Considers Ban On Products That Have MicrobeadsCitizens Campaign's executive director, Adrienne Esposito, said there are several alternatives to microbeads in beauty products.
City, State Officials Seek Bans On Microbead SalesMicrobeads can be found in everything from exfoliating facial cleaners to brightening toothpastes.
Suffolk County Legislator Pushes For Study To Find Impact Of Plastic Microbeads On EnvironmentThe small, plastic microbeads found in some facial and body washes have prompted a Suffolk County legislator to push for a study of their effect on the environment.
NY Legislation Would Ban Plastic Microbeads In Facial Scrubs, ToothpasteState Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the plastic particles can persist in the environment for centuries and accumulate toxic chemicals that could enter the food chain if marine creatures ingest them.

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