Middle Township

No Soliciting sign (credit: Clip Art)

New Jersey Town Requires Beggars To Get Permit

A southern New Jersey town now requires beggars to obtain permits and seeks to punish those who aggressively solicit donations.


An artist's rendering of what Mark Himebaugh is believed to look like today (credit: Middle Township Police Department)

New Reward Offered In 1991 Disappearance Of Middle Township Boy

Eleven-year-old Mark Himebaugh was last seen leaving his family’s Cape May County home to watch firefighters battle a marsh fire on Nov. 25, 1991.


(Credit: AP)

2 Firefighters Hurt While Battling NJ House Fire

Two firefighters were injured Saturday afternoon when they fell from a ladder while battling a house fire in southern New Jersey.


Hospital Bed (credit: CBS 2)

Basketball Hoop Pole Falls On Young Boy

A young Pennsylvania boy was seriously injured when a basketball hoop support pole broke and fell on him at a southern New Jersey playground.