Mike-i-Mation: Will From Queens (2015)For Will from Queens, being a Mets fan is an emotional experience. Mike Francesa found out first hand during a recent call to WFAN.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: Immobile Quarterbacks (2013)Rob in Chester isn't a fan of pocket passers. Eli Manning. Peyton Manning. TOM BRADY. In this classic clip, Mike Francesa rips his argument to shreds.
Mike-i-Mation: Giants Picnic (2015)Do the San Francisco Giants and New York Giants ever get together for, like, dinner? Or something?
Mike-i-Mation: Makes No Sense! (2015)In this classic clip, Mike Francesa takes a call from Artie in Brooklyn, who's about to drop dead over the Mets' lineup.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: Francesa, Master Snowblower (2011)In this classic (animated) clip, the legendary WFAN host talks about his prowess behind the snowblower and offers to be a pitchman -- because he's just that good.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: An NFL Team In North Dakota?! (2014)Flash back to October 2014: A caller says to WFAN's Mike Francesa that maybe one day North Dakota could have an NFL team. Here's the classic exchange in animated form.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: It's Da Bread! (2010)Listen, the burgers are good. But there's something about da bread! We animated this classic clip from WFAN's Mike Francesa, breaking down Shake Shack as only he can.
Mike-i-Mation: Francesa Destroys Idzik And The Jets (2014)With a total housecleaning coming for the Jets, we bring to you an animated Mike Francesa raging against the Green machine.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: Francesa Rips Tim Tebow Trade (2012)Seriously, who could have imagined it'd turn out to be a total disaster?!
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: 'SNF' Theme Song (2013)In this classic clip (animated for your pleasure), Mike Francesa tells us why exactly he doesn't like the "Sunday Night Football" theme song -- aka the stupidest song that ever was created.
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: Super Bowl Goodie Bag (2014)It isn't easy to impress Mike, as you'll see in this clip from January (animated for your pleasure). But then he finds the hand warmer. Toasty!
#TBT Mike-i-Mation: Angry Caller (2008)In this Throwback Thursday clip (animated for your pleasure), Joe -- aka Angry Caller -- can't wait to tell Mike and the Mad Dog exactly how he feels about them.
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