Radio Free Montone: Shots Fired...ShrugWhile questioning folks from different boroughs and neighborhoods about a report that says there has been a spike in murders this year, I was reminded just how commonplace the sound of gunfire has become.
Radio Free Montone: Mall TerrorCan al-Shabab get shopaholics to drop…the habit? I doubt it, but….
Radio Free Montone: What Kind Of Fool Am I?So what kind of fool was I? A wet, freezing fool. But I just had to try to catch the setting sun as it hit the ice because who knows if the opportunity will ever arise again.
Radio Free Montone: Bob Simon And The 'Other Guy'We remember Bob Simon as a great reporter. A legendary journalist. A giant in the TV news business. The other guy…well.
Radio Free Montone: Snow Drought?I know that we haven’t had much snow this winter. Cue up that Hallelujah chorus. And because meteorologists haven’t been able to talk about the “white stuff,” we must be experiencing some sort of freakish weather pattern.
Radio Free Montone: What A Catch! Wait, What Catch?As comic book fans will tell you the code of conduct in The Bizarro World is, “Us do opposite of all earthly things!” Welcome to the NFL.
Radio Free Montone: We Are Winning ... Winning BigOut of the death and dust has arisen a massive masterpiece of modern architecture and now there is life in 1 World Trade Center.
Radio Free Montone: BrrrrrI felt it Sunday morning for the first time in a long time and it made me shiver. In more ways than one.
Radio Free Montone: National Felons League?Might that shield the NFL is so proud and protective of some day stand for the National Felons League?
Radio Free Montone: Grow A Lawn, Kill A BayI spend a great deal of time in Barnegat Bay kayaking, canoeing, boating and swimming. If it dies, a part of me will die with it. And I won’t be alone.
Radio Free Montone: New Yorkers Weigh In On 'Sharknado 2' I couldn’t have done it without Toni-Roni, Raji, Mohamed and Mike.
Radio Free Montone: Swamp ThingIt was a slow news day, during a slow news month and we needed a story with legs. Well, we got what we were wishing for.

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