Lee and Herbert Margolin took on an armed mugger in Midtown...and won. (Credit CBS 2)

Elderly Couple Fights Off Accused Armed Mugger In Midtown

An elderly couple, who have been married for nearly 60 years, worked together to fight off an accused robber in Midtown on Tuesday night.


Police say that this man has been robbing school kids at knife point and demanding a dollar (Credit NYPD)

Cops On The Lookout For Brooklyn Mugger Targeting School Kids

On Wednesday morning he attempted to rob two boys and was successful in robbing a third. Later that afternoon he relieved another boy of his wallet in the vicinity of Smith and President streets, police said.


Surveillance video of elderly robbery in Gramercy Park on November 3, 2011 (credit: DCPI)

Police Nab Man Suspected Of Robbing Two Elderly People In Gramercy Park

The most recent robbery happened on Wednesday, November 23 around 6:06 p.m. Police say the victim, a 71-year-old, was attacked from behind as he was entering the lobby of his apartment building.


(credit: DCPI)

Police Seek Suspect Wanted In 10 Manhattan Muggings

Police said in each incident the suspect indicates that he has a gun while usually demanding money or cell phones before fleeing on foot.


Robbery Suspect Surveillance (credit: CBS 2)

NYPD Investigating School Kid Robberies

The 6’1″, 250-pound suspect was caught on surveillance camera. He took a laptop from a 12-year-old, and an iPhone and cash from a 16-year-old.


This is surveillance of the suspect (credit: CBS 2)

Sex Attack In Bay Ridge Puts Residents On Edge

In two separate attacks, police said, the suspect stole cell phones from his female victims and tried to sexually assault them.


Police Sketch

Cops: Chelsea Mugger Attacked Woman With Brick

Police said the suspect came up behind the woman on West 18th Street last Tuesday around 2 a.m., hit her in the head with a brick and then took her money before fleeing.


Generic Ambulance File Photo (credit: CBS 2)

Central Park Mugger Makes Off With Tourist’s Phone

According to investigators, the suspect approached the 39-year-old Florida man as he walked near East 60th Street at about 7 p.m. Monday night.