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Seen At 11: New Strategies Claim You Can Outsmart Your Food Cravings

Most of us have cravings, usually for the most fattening of foods. But you don’t have to give in. New strategies claim you can outsmart your cravings in a hurry.


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New Study Shows Simple Thermostat Adjustment Can Boost Metabolism

A new study published by the American Diabetes Association shows something as simple as lowering your thermostat can boost your metabolism, CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported.


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Seen At 11: Butter Making A Comeback As New Study Suggests Health Benefits

Researchers from the University of Cambridge in England found butter and other fats like it may not be as bad for us as once thought, and may even have some health benefits.


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Seen At 11: Get Your Fill Of The New Year’s Hottest Diet Trends

The number one New Year’s resolution for many people is to lose weight and in 2014, there are a slew of diets that offer to help.


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2 In The Kitchen: Super Foods For Kids

Nutritionist Nicolette Pace stopped by the CBS 2 studios to talk about ways to jump start your child’s day the healthy way.


Bad Mood Foods

Seen At 11: Avoiding Bad Mood Food

Can food fuel irritability, anxiety and even aggression? Experts say yes.


Nutritionists say peanuts are among the foods that you can eat to fight fatigue. (Photo: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Fatigue Fighting Foods

Do you feel tired all the time, despite getting sleep at night? Getting your energy back could be simpler than you think. That’s because certain nutrient-rich foods can help fight fatigue — even give you energy to spare.


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2 In The Kitchen: Foods That Help Fight Colds

Move over, chicken soup! Nutritionist Nicolette Pace stopped by the CBS 2 studios to cook up a stir-fry dish packed full of ingredients high in vitamin C.


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2 In The Kitchen: Classic Creamy Chicken Stew

“Better Than Bologna” week continued Wednesday with a simple “set it and forget it” recipe to throw in the crockpot, brought to us by dietician and nutritionist Nicolette Pace.


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2 In The Kitchen: Fresh Native Zucchini Boat Recipe

Every Friday in July we’re telling you what to pick up at your local farmer’s market, and what to make with it once you’re back in your kitchen.



Seen At 11: Flatten Your Belly By Eating!

Call it a spare tire, a pot belly or just middle aged spread. Dreaded belly fat plagues millions of men and women. It’s unsightly and dangerous to our health.


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Seen At 11: Eat To Lose

It happens all the time. You eat a big meal and a short time later you feel hungry again. So what gives? According to new information you’re probably eating all the wrong foods.