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Nina In New York: Amazon Goes Gender-Blind (Kinda)

Pacifiers, humidifiers, rocking horses, strollers, car seats, washcloths, teddy bears, rectal thermometers—everything is subject to the infernal conflict of blue versus pink.


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Nina In New York: Our FAO Farewell Tour

In July, FAO Schwarz will turn out its lights and shut its doors for the last time.


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Nina In New York: Your Dumb Mirror Is A Thing Of The Past

Enter the “smart mirror,” a breakthrough new technology coming to a high-end department store near you.


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Nina In New York: The New “Mommy Juice” (Hint: It’s Actual Juice)

For quite some time after the birth of a child, most of us cannot hold our liquor.


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Nina In New York: How To Bathe Your Toddler In 29 Easy Steps

So here, to assuage the fears of nervous first-time and aspiring parents, is a little tutorial on a basic, quotidian aspect of toddler care: bathtime.


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Nina In New York: How Do You Eat An Oreo? You Don’t, And You’re A Horrible Parent.

For many, mealtime is an endless battle. So the last thing we need is judgment from outsiders, let alone blatant admonishment for the choices we make in feeding our kids.


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Nina In New York: Adventures In Baby Literacy

I knew I was in one of those bizarre mother situations where I had to tread lightly.


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Nina In New York: We’ve Got The Screen Time Blues

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported on a study that found that among kindergarteners, those who spent at least an hour a day watching television were 52% more likely to be overweight, and 72% more likely to be obese.


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Nina In New York: Deep Thoughts After Two Years Of Motherhood

Last week, my daughter turned two. It was exciting for her and everything, but I think we can all agree this is mostly about me.


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Nina In New York: Cheers To Gender Equality

A new report in The American Journal of Public Health has found that the female binge drinking rate has increased significantly over the past ten years.


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Nina In New York: At Least Mosquitoes Love Me For Who I Am

I’ve long been mocked in my family for “claiming” that I’m being “eaten alive in the manner of a horror movie” after mere minutes in the backyard, when everyone else is completely fine. And now, I have my comeuppance.


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Nina In New York: Are You Sitting Down? Good, Stay There (But Ditch The Cookie).

A team of doctors has published an impassioned op-ed in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, asserting that only diet—not exercise—can combat obesity and weight-related diseases.


The lips of reality star Kylie Jenner (left) has inspired a "social media challenge" involving suctioning bottles to swell the lips. Lexie Chadwick (right) was among those who took the "challenge." (Credit: left --Craig Barritt; right -- Lexie Chadwick, via Twitter)

Nina In New York: Kardashian Times Call For Kardashian Measures

I know I beat this drum fairly often and with relative hysteria, but THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET.


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Nina In New York: Muddy Puddles Aren’t For Everyone

So it rains, and then it stops, and you have a great idea: you will introduce your toddler to the joy that is splashing in mud puddles.


Planetary Science

Nina In New York: See You On The Martian Coast, Suckers

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