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Nina In New York

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Nina In New York: Beginning Again

A lighthearted look at news, events, culture and everyday life in New York. The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.


Cupcakes From Crumbs (credit: Crumbs Facebook)

Nina In New York: Cupcakes, Non-Sexual Nudity & More Stories You May Have Missed This Week

This is a very special Friday edition of the weekly roundup, because it is my last before I go off and have a lil’ baby. I have been pregnant for approximately 4,000 years, and it is finally time.


The Vibrating Fork promises to help you lose weight by alerting you when you're eating too fast. (credit:

Nina In New York: The Vibrating Fork Diet

Meet the latest elaborate device for people who prefer not to use their brains: watchdog cutlery.


A new study suggests that hobbit humans had larger brains than we'd previously believed. (credit: National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo)

Nina In New York: 5 News Stories To Make You Smile After A Rough Week

We’ve experienced the full range of emotions —despair, distress, powerlessness, anxiety, sadness, rage, confusion, vindication, relief, and then back to anger and confusion and sadness with each horrible story that rolled in.


Justin Bieber (credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Nina In New York: It’s Not Easy Being Famous…And Woefully Inarticulate

Anyway, nothing makes me cherish my youthful epiphany than when the celebrity world starts totally fritzing out all at once. So far, this week is proving quite fruitful.


A cicada sits on a fence (file/credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Nina In New York: The Cicadas Are Coming

The Plague of the Locusts is upon us once again! Soon the East River will run with (more) blood and all the livestock will be blighted and we’ll all be forced to eat matzah until the end of days even though Passover ended over a week ago and we were really enjoying a world filled with bagels once again.


Generic image of hand guns

Nina In New York: Guns For Everyone In Nelson, Ga., Plus More News From This Week

A small town in Georgia passed an ordinance this week requiring all of its citizens to own a gun.


Sen. Malcolm Smith (

Nina In New York: Yet Another Corrupt New York Politician Gets Busted, Mythical ‘Trust Of The Public’ Broken

Boy oh boy, do I love a tale of political corruption and intrigue. Especially when the players are two-bit local yokels who manage to get themselves caught far, far in advance of ever actually achieving anything.


Avenue Nightclub NYC

Nina In New York: This Just In….NYC Nightclubs Overcharging Patrons

Breaking news this week from the New York Post, with a revelation that will shock absolutely no one: High end nightclubs in New York City have been fleecing their patrons!


Nina In New York: 3 News Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A lighthearted look at news, events, culture and everyday life in New York City.


Metropolitan Museum OF Art

Nina In New York: Art Is For the People, And The People Are Revolting.

On the one hand, I hate to see my beloved Met under attack. On the other, this has long seemed like an injustice to the legions of tourists who haplessly fork over cash when New York natives are slapping down a buck and calling it a day.


A file picture taken on March 7, 2011, shows a man touching a giant bronze sculpture of a mammoth in the Siberian city of Khanty-Mansiysk.  (Photo by NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP/GettyImages)

Nina In New York: Scientists Explore ‘De-Extinction.’ Wait, What?

At a recent conference held by National Geographic and TedX, scientists proposed the “de-extinction” of 24 erstwhile species of animal. In addition to the ever-popular Mammoth, candidates included the dodo, the Quagga (a type of zebra), the moa (a 12-foot tall flightless bird), the passenger pigeon (please, no), a bunch of other birds (why so many birds, anyway?), the saber-toothed cat, and the mastodon.


Kegels Ad

Nina In New York: Rat Sterilization 2 More News Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A lighthearted look at news, events, culture and everyday life in New York. _____________________ By Nina Pajak Are we in the “out like a lamb” portion of the month yet? Frankly, I’ve lived in the […]



Nina In New York: Official Minutes from the Emergency Rat Summit

Okay, thank you, everybody. I hereby call to order the first ever Emergency Rat Summit. Templeton, to my right, will be passing around a sign-in sheet and taking minutes.