NYC Wedding Planner: Classic, Historic VenuesPlan a true New York wedding at these classic venues, including The Museum Of Natural History, New York Botanical Gardens and more.
Nina In New York: Bye For NowSo, as I so often say to my toddler, all good things must come to an end. If they didn't, they wouldn't stay good.
Nina In New York: 50 Reasons Why My Toddler Is CryingFor your entertainment, my catharsis, and possibly your schadenfreude, here are just some of the reasons why my three year old is crying (today).
Nina In New York: Dear Second BabyThere are some things about which I should probably warn you. Just to be sporting about the whole thing.
Nina In New York: Your Poor, Hot MomDo you have a summer or early fall birthday? There are some things about her experience giving you life she may not have mentioned to you.
Nina In New York: My Favorite Things (Adapted)Nina In New York re-imagines the "Sound Of Music" classic "My Favorite Things," with a very modern twist.
Nina In New York: Aw, Sugar, SugarThe Food and Drug Administration has finally finalized the new nutrition labels! Huzzah!
Nina In New York: Dear Huggies, You Just Get Me. Love, MeAs a mom, there's nothing I like more than being marketed to in an unsolicited and brazenly condescending, maudlin way.
Nina In New York: This Is Your Kid's Brain On MomA recent study has found that children's brains light up all over the place when they hear the sounds of their mothers' voices. It doesn't mean they're going to listen any better, but it's sweet all the same.
Nina In New York: These Nutritional Guidelines Are So 22 Years AgoThe FDA is finally beginning to catch up to what so many of us figured out: the guidelines for what should be "healthy" needs to change.
Nina In New York: This Gives "Government Cheese" A Whole New MeaningThings are far from gouda, and it'll be a long time before this situation gets feta.
Nina In New York: Make It A Double, We're Drinking For TwoIt's Monday, and that means we can get back to the business of telling pregnant women what to do with their bodies.

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