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A hearing on problems at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission - Lodi, NJ - Aug 4, 2011 (credit: Levon Putney / WCBS 880)

NJ Senate Panel Begins Investigation Of Computer Crashes, Long Lines At State Agencies

Thursday’s session in Lodi comes after recent computer crashes that affected operations at several state agencies, most noticeably the Motor Vehicle Commission.


New Jersey State House - Trenton, NJ - File Photo

NJ Senate Panel To Investigate Series Of Computer Crashes At State Agencies

The ongoing technology problems have spurred spirited debate in recent weeks between some Democratic lawmakers and high-ranking state officials over what can and should be done.


NJ State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (file / credit: New Jersey Senate Democrats)

New Jersey Lawmakers Fail To Undo Gov. Christie’s Budget Cuts To Women’s Clinics, Other Centers

Democrats fell short Monday in an attempt to restore funding to more than 50 women’s health clinics and a half-million dollars to a center for sexually and physically abused children in New Jersey.


Gov. Chris Christie (credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Lawmakers Open To Restoring Funds For NJ Cities

Democrats passed a budget that left the aid intact but cut more than $1 million for oversight. In response, Gov. Chris Christie cut $139 million, leaving $10 million to help municipalities with extraordinary hardships like Trenton, Camden and Asbury Park.


Gov. Chris Christie (file / credit: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office)

Struggling N.J. Towns Face Cuts In State Aid

New Jersey’s struggling municipalities are out $139 million in state aid that was promised — and in some cases awarded — before Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the appropriation in this year’s budget.


Gov. Chris Christie (credit: AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Lobbyists Push For Restoration Of N.J. Budget Without Gov. Christie’s Cuts

The League of Municipalities says cuts totaling $240 million will adversely impact their ability to provide much-needed property tax relief in their towns.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (credit: AP Photo/Mel Evans)

On Heels Of Worker Benefits Deal, Gov. Christie Uses Line-Item Veto To Cut $900M From NJ Budget

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie used his power to line-item veto a budget handed to him by Democrats. The governor said he’s keeping his promise to not raise taxes.


Gov. Chris Christie (file / credit: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office)

Gov. Chris Christie Signs New Jersey Budget Averting Government Shutdown

Despite signing the budget, Christie harshly criticized the Democratic legislature, saying they were reverting “to more of the same unrealistic, fantasy budgeting that has plagued Trenton for years.”


New Jersey State House - Trenton, NJ - File Photo

NJ Assembly & Senate Pass $30.6 Billion Democratic-Backed Budget

The budget now heads to Governor Chris Christie, who has said he won’t sign it. Republicans insist the proposal is unlawful because it relies on more revenue than the state is likely to collect.


NJ Gov. Chris Christie (credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Gov. Chris Christie Signs NJ Public Employees Benefits Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed landmark employee benefits legislation requiring a half-million public workers to pay more for pension and health benefits.


Gov. Chris Christie (credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

NJ Public Workers Pension Contributions Bill Heads To Senate Monday

Since the New Jersey Assembly approved the employee benefits bill and the supplemental measure Thursday, it’s now up to the Democrat-controlled Senate to cross the last “T” before sending the legislation to Governor Chris Christie.


Verizon Logo (credit: AP)

Groups Warn About Phone Deregulation In NJ

Two advocacy groups said deregulating phone service in New Jersey would lead to higher rates, especially for senior citizens and those who live in rural areas.