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Plan B (file / credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Defends Giving NYC Students Plan B ‘Morning-After Pill’

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is defending a city-funded pilot program to give female students the “day after pill,” otherwise known as Plan B. It can halt pregnancy if taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.


Erin Sayar (credit: Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation)

‘Horndog High’ Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student Speaks Out

For Erin Sayar and her husband, Jim Lathrop, it appears the scandal won’t be forcing them to split up.


Stryofoam Marionettes at City Hall - New York, NY - Apr 30, 2012 (credit: Rich Lamb / WCBS 880)

Styrofoam Marionettes Used At City Hall To Protest Lunch Trays In NYC Schools

Giant styrofoam marionettes were used at City Hall on Monday to protest the use of the material in New York City school lunch trays, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported.


Brooklyn school asbestos scare

Asbestos Scare At Brooklyn School Has Parents Furious At Department Of Education

Demonstrators wore masks and held up signs Tuesday to dramatize their demand that the Department Of Education postpone an asbestos abatement program at P.S. 29. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.


Separation of church and state

Religious Groups: NYC Suffering From An ‘Over-Separation’ Of Church And State

In a city seemingly full of churches a debate is raging over places where prayer might be off-limits. Small congregations are howling over a rule to ban organized worship in city school buildings even when there are no students in them.


Separation of church and state

Church And State Battle Brewing As NYC Mulls Kicking Worship Services Out Of Schools

Since 2002, churches in New York City have been holding worship services in public school buildings. But that’s about to come to an end and religious leaders are upset.


Hold it in policy

NYC Teacher Enacts ‘Hold It In’ Policy For Children Wanting To Use Bathrooms

A Brooklyn elementary school teacher has come up with a controversial idea to get her children to hold it in. She’s trying to keep them at their desks and off the toilet, but some say it goes too far.


Jonathan Jewth

Controversy Swirls Around 9-Year-Old’s Death Inside New York City School

Angela Jewth can’t begin to explain her grief — and confusion — over the death of her son, Jonathan. He died after choking on a meatball during lunch at P.S. 47 earlier this month.


One-Third Of New York City High Schools Get An ‘A’ On Their Report Card

The progress reports for the 2010-2011 school year are based on factors including graduation rates and student performance on New York state regents tests.


School Bus (file / credit:

3 Hours To Get To School? That’s The Hard Truth For Some Kids In Queens

Parents and some lawmakers in Queens are furious over a last-minute decision that’s left kids with no choice but to spend three hours on Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses to get to school. Now, there’s pressure to reverse that decision.


Classroom (File - credit: CBS 2)

Activists Demand ‘Abstinence Only’ Be Option In NYC Sex-Ed Curriculum

“Just don’t do it” — that’s the heart of the abstinence message and it’s one activists want city schools to send loud and clear.


Robert F. Wager Jr. Secondary School

Phys Ed Fiasco: Principal Forgets To Schedule Gym, Chaos Ensues

It’s an unbelievable case of a Queens principal who seems to be undergoing a gigantic “senior moment.” He forgot to make his students take gym and now members of the senior class may not graduate.


P.S. 32

Parents Of Autistic Students Miffed Over Plan For NYC Charter School

There was is outrage over what some are calling a squeeze play by the Department of Education. The city wants to put a charter school inside P.S. 32, and it could jeopardize a program for autistic students


Schools Chancellor Cathie Black speaks at P.S. 262 - Brooklyn, NY - Jan 3, 2011 - Photo: Rich Lamb / WCBS 880

Parents To Mayor: Make Up Your Mind On School Closings

It’s a waiting game to find out if New York City children will go to school Wednesday. And some parents are angry saying Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s late call will leave them scrambling for child care.


Academy for Social Action

Report: NYC Principal Had On-Job Affair With Her No. 2

Inside the Academy for Social Action, it’s the sexual action between Principal Crystal Simmons and her assistant principal that had students buzzing on Friday.