NYC Dept. of Transportation

Staten Island intersection

DOT Finally Acts To Fix Deadly Staten Island Intersection

Enter at your own risk. Hylan Boulevard at Steuben Street in Staten Island is said to be one of the deadliest intersections in New York City.


NYC parking meter

Bloomberg Drops Bomb: Parking Meter Rates Going Up

There was a new parking decree Monday from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Drivers will no longer be “nickeled and dimed” to death when they park on city streets. Instead, they’ll need dollars.


Cell Phone

Cops: Texting While Driving Causes Tragedy In Bklyn

It was just Tuesday that the Department of Transportation held hearings describing texting while driving as “an epidemic.” But in our area the proof is personal.


NYC Skyline

Drivers: NYC Streets For Everyone But Us

Coming soon to a New York City street near you: fewer parking spots, driving lanes that will be narrowed and a 20-mile per hour speed limit.


Bike lock

Parking Vigilante Super-Gluing Bike Locks In Brooklyn

There was a battle brewing Wednesday night over parking. Not for cars, but for bikes along the sidewalks of New York. CBS 2 consumer reporter Kirstin Cole has more on the “bike brawl.”