NYC subway system

Amtrak's Acela Express (credit: Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

CBS 2 Investigation: How Well Trained Are The Conductors On Our Rails?

The train tragedy in Spain has raised the concern over whether something similar could happen in the Tri-State Area.


People walk past the front of the New York Stock Exchange Aug. 5, 2011. (credit: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

General: NSA Spying Led To Foiled Plots Against High Value Targets In NYC

It was an all-out charm offensive Tuesday by Army Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the NSA, and representatives of the FBI and the Department of Justice to beat back concerns that our government is spying on us, tapping our phone lines and email accounts.



Man In Wheelchair Rescued From NYC Subway Tracks

A man who lost control of his motorized wheelchair and ended up on the New York City subway tracks before being pulled to safety has been hospitalized in serious but stable condition.