A Look Inside an Inclusion Classroom

How does the inclusion model work and is it right for your child?



Should You Be a Squeaky Wheel Parent?

The more invested you are in your child’s classroom, the higher their chances for educational success. There’s a fine line between being a proactive, squeaky-wheel parent and an over-bearing, difficult one, however. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts parents can follow that can make all the difference.



Why PTA Meetings Matter

PTA meetings are easy to ignore but there may be more going on during those get-togethers than parents think. Should today’s busy moms and dads make PTA meetings a priority?



How To Make the Board of Ed Your Ally and Maximize Your Child’s IEP

Parents of special needs kids may feel overwhelmed when it comes time to negotiate with the educational system. Here’s what you need to know about your rights, responsibilities and your child’s IEP.



Acing the Interview: Helping Your Child Apply to NYC’s Best High Schools

Resumes, portfolios and high-pressure interviews used to only be the stuff of internships and job applications but now are required for entry into many of the city’s highest-scoring public high schools. How can parents help their child’s application rise to the top of the list?


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Why Choose Public School If You Can Afford Private School?

A significant number of well-heeled New Yorkers are starting to re-think the benefits of private versus public school and not just because of their respective price tags. What do New York’s wealthiest parents know about those expensive private schools that you don’t?


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Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Charter School

Is a charter school the right choice for your child? These questions to ask may help you decide.


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All Day or Half Day: Which Pre-K Program is Right for Your Child?

Deciding between a half-day or full-day Pre-K program can be challenging and emotional for parents. When you’re rolling up your sleeves and trying to decide between the two, here are some factors to take into account.