Exclusive: Inside NYPD 'Rape Cops' Jury RoomCall them confessions from behind closed doors. We’re finally hearing the answer to that question New Yorkers have been asking for months: how did 12 people acquit a pair of NYPD cops of rape?
NYPD Rape Trial Accuser Sounds Off On VerdictThe acquittal of two NYPD officers accused in the rape of an East Village woman has sparked emotions from many. On Tuesday night we heard from their accuser -- in her own words.
DA Goes On Attack During NYPD Rape Trial Closing ArgumentProsecutors said the cops were supposed to be New York City's finest, but instead were New York City’s worst.
NYPD Officer Moreno Denies Raping Drunken Fashion ExecutiveOfficer Kenneth Moreno took the stand during his own trial today and denied raping an intoxicated woman inside her Manhattan apt., but admitted to making a fake 911 call to return to her home.
NYPD Officer Charged In Rape Denies AttackAn NYPD cop accused of standing lookout while his partner raped a drunken woman told a jury that they repeatedly visited the alleged victim's apartment because they were concerned about her health.
Accuser In NYPD Rape Trial Leaves Witness StandThe woman insisted she has no doubt police officers were with her that night. Her testimony may cause the officers to take the stand.
Accuser's Testimony May Force Accused NYPD Rape Cops To StandIt was an emotional final day on the stand Monday for the woman accusing two NYPD officers of rape. The testimony was so raw, she broke down in court.
Surveillance Video Has NYPD Rape Trial Defense SalivatingGrainy images on a building surveillance tape have become key evidence in the case against two NYPD officers accused of rape.

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