Odd-Even Gas Rationing System To End Saturday In NYCThe system went into effect in the city Nov. 9, after damage to gas stations and fuel distribution networks led to hours-long lines.
Bloomberg: NYC Gas Rationing To Remain In Effect At Least Through FridayThe rationing system limits motorists to filling up only on odd or even days, based on the last digit of their license plate.
Bloomberg May Extend Odd-Even Gas Rationing In New York City"All I can tell you is we put it in and the lines started easing," Bloomberg said. "If in the end it protects you why not run it for another five days?"
Bloomberg: Gas Rationing To Stay In Place At Least Through The WeekendMayor Bloomberg said the system, which went into effect last Friday, has been working.
Bloomberg: Odd-Even Gas Rationing Could Remain In Place 'For A While'Bloomberg said it is hard to get accurate numbers to show how effective the gas rationing is, but said all evidence points to success in New York City.

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