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A preservative used in baby wipes and other hygiene products has been linked to a painful rash. (Credit: CBS 2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Popular Baby Wipes May Cause Nasty Rash

Something in popular baby and personal hygiene wipes has been causing painful, itchy rashes and blisters.


(Photo/CBS 2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Five Numbers That Could Save Your Life

There are five numbers that everyone should know by heart but most people probably don’t.


Video Game Rehab

A New Approach To Physical Rehab — In Video Game Form

Video games are hot items on Christmas lists this and every year, but not just for kids – the majority of gamers are now over 36.


Histoplasma cells seen under the microscope (credit: CBS 2)

Researchers Develop Way To Track Potentially Dangerous Fungal Infection

Fungal cells hide inside human cells, making it difficult to find and stop them. But the researchers discovered a way to mark the fungus so as it grows, it glows bright red.