Organ Donation

Ronald Witherspoon Jr. was killed by a stray bullet in Jersey City, but six people will receive his organs. (Credit: CBS2)

6 People To Receive Organs From Jersey City Teen Cut Down By Tragedy

The life of a teenage boy was cut short by a stray bullet on a Jersey City street, but now, he has given the gift of life to six strangers.


Patricia Almonte meets the two infants whose lives were saved because she donated her daughter's organs (Credit: CBS2)

Mother Who Donated Child’s Organs Meets Babies Whose Lives Were Saved

Patricia Almonte said she plans to honor her daughter’s life every year with a birthday party.


Jen Lentini with the mother of Matthew Brannon. (Credit: YouTube)

Donor Heart Recipient Pleads For Others To Become Organ Donors

Every 18 hours someone in New York dies waiting for an organ transplant. Religious concerns, language barriers and the unappealing subject of mortality make our area last in the country for organ donation.


(file / credit:

Brain-Dead Toddler To Remain On Life Support During Organ Donation Dispute

A brain-dead 2-year-old girl will remain on life support at a Brooklyn hospital, while her parents argue whether her organs should be donated.


Tom Cutinella (credit: CBS 2)

Worries About Football Safety Mount After L.I. High School Player’s Death

There was new fallout Friday following the death of a 16-year-old high school football player on Long Island after a collision at a game.


Fallen Jersey City Officer Marc DiNardo pictures alongside the man who received his heart, Don Zolkiwsky. (Credit: CBS 2)

Family Of Fallen Officer Who Donated Organs Celebrates Birthday With Heart Recipient

A Jersey City police officer who died in the line of duty is living through the organs he donated, CBS 2’s Elise Finch reported.


Jackie Lue-Raia's got to meet Gwendolyn Anderson, who received a kidney from Lue-Raia's mother. (Credit: CBS 2)

Family Of Organ Donor Meets Woman Saved By Donation

Jackie Lue-Raia’s mother was able to save the lives of three others through organ donation.


Lauren Shields, for whom Lauren's Law is named, speaks at City Hall press conference, Oct. 3, 2013. The law requires those getting NYS driver's licenses to decide whether to be an organ donor. (credit: Peter Haskell/ WCBS 880)

Lauren’s Law Takes Effect, Requires NYS Drivers To Decide Whether To Be Organ Donors

Lauren’s Law was named for 13-year-old Lauren Shields of Stony Point, in Rockland County. She received a heart transplant when she was 9.


4.8.13 A Real Cause

‘Real Housewives of New York’ Star Talks Organ Donation

‘Housewives’ cast member Heather Thomson is revealing a lot more about her family — and the life and death struggle they faced when her son Jax needed a liver transplant.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo (file / credit: Governor's Office)

Gov. Cuomo Signs ‘Lauren’s Law’ In Effort To Boost Number Of Organ Donors

The new law, which will take effect in one year, will require anyone over the age of 18 getting a new driver’s license to answer whether they would like to join the state’s donor list. The question is currently optional.


Oscar Veliz

Following Son’s Tragic Death, Hempstead Mom Tries To Raise Organ Donation Awareness

A Long Island mother is on a quest to find the driver who took her 17-year-old son’s life, and kept on going. She’s also hoping his death can save the lives of others.


Chris Mayer (R) meets Dan Dolan (L) (credit: CBS 2)

Heart Transplant Patient Helping Others Waiting For Organs

A young man is determined to use his second chance at life to help others through the agonizing wait for healthy organs.