Teens Are Growing Up More Slowly Than Past Generations, Study SaysA new study says teenagers are taking longer to stop being kids and take on the responsibilities of adulthood.
Woman Surprises Stepdad With Adoption Papers 17 Years LaterAfter being in her life for the past 17 years, Lindsey wanted to make her already close relationship with Mark official.
Parents, Plan Ahead: Get Organized To Cut Down On Back-To-School ChaosIt’s back to school next week for most Tri-State area students, but there are plenty of things parents can do now to get ready for the school year.
Wage Calculator Reveals Hidden Costs Of Being A Stay-At-Home ParentThe calculator takes factors, such as age, gender, current salary and how long you take off, and tallies how much you will potentially lose in wage growth, retirement benefits, stock options and salary over your lifetime.
Ne-Yo Opens Up About Being a New Parent, Supports March of Dimes on Prime Day 2017We know Ne-Yo as the suave singer who churns out hit after hit, but at home, he’s known as dad.
Effective Ways For Parents To Communicate With Youth Sports CoachesEnrolling children in sports helps keep them active and aids in their development. But situations may arise where you find yourself at odds with the coach. Keep your head and communicate effectively to help your child benefit.
Expert Shares Tips For Dealing With Child Temper TantrumsAll parents face a dilemma when it comes to a child’s temper tantrum. How do you handle it? Do you jump into action or ignore it?
Seen At 11: Parents Get Creative To Find Good Childcare In Digital AgeEvery parent knows just how hard it can be to find good childcare, but there are new rules when it comes to who’s watching your kids.
David Beckham Facing Criticism For Kissing 5-Year-Old Daughter On LipsThe soccer superstar posted a picture with his 5-year-old daughter Harper on Instagram during a family trip to Africa. Nearly two million people have commented on it.
Apps Help Parents Arrange Play Dates & Find New FriendsIf you need some help with your kids, it can be as simple as a swipe on your smartphone.
Daylight Saving Time: Tips To Help Your Kids Get A Good Night's SleepLosing an hour of sleep doesn't seem like a big deal for adults, but for children, the transition can be more difficult.
Wragge: Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep, So You Can Sleep TooCBS2's Chris Wragge shares his new parenting tips on getting your baby to sleep.

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