Christmas Presents

Finding A Balance: Gift Giving & Faith Values

For parents, balancing the gift-giving tradition of the holidays with teaching their kids certain values can be tricky.


10.17 Moms

How To Talk To Your Kids About Politics

Between presidential debates and campaign signs plastered across the country, politics and the upcoming election will be a hot topic everywhere. But if you have children, keeping your political views in check is important.


10.10 Mama's Boys

Mama’s Boys: The Important Mother & Son Bond

Most of us have heard about the bond between fathers and sons – but at least one psychologist says a mother’s role in raising boys can be misunderstood.


Sam Wang On The Couch

Smart Sense: How To Raise Intelligent Children

Sam Wang, co-author of “Welcome To Your Child’s Brain,” joined The Couch to discuss parenting myths and help us sort through fact and fiction.


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Couch To School: Emotional Preparedness For School

We’re not only getting the kids ready for when classes start, but parents also need to prepare.


8.29 couch to school

Parenting Advice From A Psychologist: How To Raise Successful Kids

It goes without saying that we want our children to succeed. But new research shows that by pushing kids to achieve, we could be causing them to fail.


8.23 College Dating 2

College Dating 101: What Parents Need To Know

Harlan Cohen, advice columnist and the bestselling author of “Getting Naked: Five Steps To Finding The Love Of Your Life,” joined the Couch on Thursday. He wants to help you help your kids figure the whole ‘dating thing’ out.


8.7 Re-Do Romance

Parenting & Bedroom Blues: Spice Up Your Sex Life

Love and relationship guru Jenny Hutt, host of her own radio show, “Just Jenny” on Sirius XM Stars, is a mother of two. She stopped by The Couch to tell us why she thinks there’s not enough action going on in the bedroom – and more importantly, how to spice it up.


8.2 The Moms1

Kids & Technology: When To Unplug

It’s a big issue for modern day parents. When do you “unplug” your kids from technology?


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Raising Sons

It’s clear that raising kids is hard, period. According to best-selling author Lisa Bloom’s new book, “Swagger,” bringing up boys in today’s society is harder still.


Dr. Mark Brenner on The Couch

The Art Of Parenting: Raising Kids In A High Tech Society

Dr. Mark Brenner is a family expert and author of ‘When ‘No’ Gets You Nowhere’ and several other parents books. TV 10-55’s Lisa Kearney sat down with him to get his tried and true parenting tips.


newborn water birth

Best Childbirth Classes In New York

With so much new-baby information available, and so many resources at their finger tips, it’s easy to overwhelm moms to be. Finding the right child birth class can also be confusing at a time when what you really need is calming, concise answers. The most comprehensive child birth education centers in the city offer something for everybody, from first-time parents to veterans who just need a refresher course. Start here and alleviate those worries at the best child birth classes in New York.


Kids Playing (file / credit:

Stories From Main Street: Nyack Mom Develops Playdate Planet To Help Get Kids Together

Life is hectic. Sometimes there isn’t much time for the little ones to play, let alone for mom and dad to make the arrangements. That’s where Playdate Planet comes in.


Credit CBS2

Ask Asa: Testing Products That Fight SIDS

The spectre of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a parent’s worst nightmare. Mattress covers, crib bumpers, sleep positioners, baby monitors and a number of other new products that claim to fight SIDS are flooding the market.


Public Punishment

Fed Up Mom Deals Peculiar Punishment To Troubled 14-Year-Old Son

One mother’s unconventional form of discipline is sparking a debate. How far is too far when it comes to punishing your child, particularly, in public? Dynesha Lax said what she did was a last resort.