How An Elimination Diet May Improve Your Child's HealthDoes your child suffer from allergies? Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of "The Dirt Cure," shares how an elimination diet may be the secret to a healthier and happier life!
Study: 'Kangaroo Care' Can Reduce Death Rates, Promote Heath In Premature BabiesA new study finds that skin-to-skin contact between mothers and premature babies may help foster growth and lower death rates in newborns.
Some Parents Let Kids Call Them By Their First Names, But Experts Say ‘Not So Fast’Should children call their parents by their first names? Some parents prefer it, saying it empowers their children, but others say it's a parenting mistake.
‘Sex And The City’ Actress Kim Cattrall Sparks Controversy With Comments On ParentingWhat makes someone a mother? It's a question that people are buzzing about after recent comments from actress Kim Cattrall.
Nina In New York: Surprising New Research Sheds Dim Sliver Of Light On Toddler DisciplineThe research reveals what most parenting research seems to boil down to: it all sort of works.
3 Things You Should Never Do While Potty TrainingWant to know what to avoid while potty training your toddler? Jamie Glowacki, author of "Oh Crap! Potty Training" shares her insight with these three no-nos.
NJ Judge Rules Woman That Took Daughter To Pink Concert Isn't Bad ParentingThe verdict is in: a mom's decision to take her 11-year-old daughter to a Pink concert isn't evidence of bad parenting.
5 Tax Breaks New Parents Should Know AboutTax breaks can make raising children a little more affordable.
Study: Overpraising Kids Leads To NarcissismA new study warns well-meaning parents to avoid heaping on praise, like telling their kids they're special.
Studies: Having A Best Friend Benefits Kids' Mental HealthIn a series of polls, parents of children who have best friends reported that their kids were less stressed and less likely to be teased or bullied.
Experts, Mothers Say Online ‘Mommy Shamers’ Can Make A Tough Job Even TougherParenting is already a tough job and 'mommy shaming' can make things even harder. Mommy shaming is when someone makes a mother feel bad about how they are parenting.
Men Reveal What They Love About Being A DadThree dads share what fatherhood means to them.

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