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10 Years For Irvington, N.J. Man Who Admitted To Shooting Man Over Parking Space

An Irvington, New Jersey man who pleaded admitted to shooting another man four times during an apparent dispute over a parking spot was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday.



Condo Development Charging $1M For Parking Spots In SoHo

Brokerage firm CEO Shaun Osher says there are “few to no options” for parking in SoHo, just northeast of the World Trade Center site.


N.J. Mall Attack Suspect

Police: Woman’s Finger Was Nearly Bitten Off In N.J. Mall Fight

A dispute over a parking spot came to a violent and painful end this past weekend at the Cherry Hill Mall in southern New Jersey.


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What To Expect Before Joining A Homeowner Association

Most homeowners associations come with a lot of rules. But they also come with plenty of benefits.


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EXCLUSIVE: 93-Year-Old Woman Booted From NYC Parking Spot

In New York City, almost as coveted as a parking spot on the street is one in your building’s garage. In Manhattan, a 93-year-old woman has lost her parking place and her son is fighting to get it back.


Oscar Fuller outside court on Friday, June 22, 2012 (credit: CBS 2)

Queens Man Sentenced To Year In Jail In East Village Parking Space Beating Case

Oscar Fuller was given the maximum sentence Friday. He was convicted in May of misdemeanor third degree assault after a violent altercation between himself and then 25-year-old Lana Rosas.


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Witness Of East Village Parking Dispute Takes The Stand

Eye-witness Elizabeth McWilliams took the stand Tuesday in the trial of Oscar Fuller who is accused of hitting Lana Rosas in a fight over a parking spot in the East Village back in February.