Luis Santana (credit: Waterbury Police Department)

Polly Want A Rap Sheet? Conn. Man Arrested For Hurling Bird At Cops

Waterbury police were responding to a report of a fight on Orange Street Tuesday night when they saw a shirtless man, identified as 32-year-old Luis Santana, running away and holding a white parrot.


Police released these photos of Cuca the parrot being reunited with her happy owners. (credit: NYPD)

Cuca, Parrot Stolen In Broad Daylight, Returned To Owners

The police released photos showing the happy family reunited with Cuca. Darryyl Walker, 53, confessed to stealing the bird, police said.


Darryyl Walker has been charged for allegedly robbing a woman of her pet parrot in the Bronx. (credit: NYPD)

Here, Birdie, Birdie! NYPD Searching For Parrot Stolen From Bronx Woman

According to police, Darryyl Walker, 53, confessed to stealing a parrot from a woman on July 29. He was arrested a day after the incident, but the bird remains on the lam.


Captain and Allen Kirson (credit: YouTube)

Brooklyn Man Searching For Missing Opera-Singing Parrot

The 25-year-old green and yellow Amazon parrot named Captain flew off the shoulder of his owner, Allen Kirson, as the two biked along Ocean Parkway in Kensington on Friday.