Paul Gardephe

SAC Capital headquarters in Stamford, Conn. (credit: Getty Images)

Judge: Steven A. Cohen Testimony Can’t Be Used In Insider Trading Trial

Billionaire Steven A. Cohen’s testimony to a financial regulatory agency cannot be shown to jurors at the insider trading trial of one of the former money managers at the hedge fund he founded, a judge said in a ruling made public Wednesday.


SAC Capital headquarters in Stamford, Conn. (credit: Getty Images)

Judge: Hedge Fund Manager’s Fainting Spell Can’t Be Used As Evidence

A jury will not hear about how a former hedge fund manager fainted in front of his Florida mansion when federal agents showed up to talk about his alleged involvement in insider trading.


Michael Vanhise (MySpace)

Accused ‘Cannibal Cop’ Conspirator To Face Trial This Fall

Federal Judge Paul Gardephe scheduled a Nov. 4 trial for Michael Vanhise during a hearing Thursday.


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Kallas: Perceived Split Among NBA Players May Be Bad For NBA Owners

This past Wednesday, the NBA owners tried a pre-emptive strike against the players, asking a federal judge to rule that, if the players decertified the union and sued the NBA for antitrust violations (sound familiar, NFL fans?), such a lawsuit would not be allowed to end the lockout. Here’s what happens now.