Parents Renew Calls For Speedier Removal Of PCBs From NYC SchoolsOn Thursday, a light fixture at P.S. 368 sizzled and then erupted, sending smoke into the air and autistic students scrambling out of the building.
DOE Official Angers Council Members After Saying PCBs Present 'No Danger' Members of New York City Council ripped into a Department of Education official Tuesday, criticizing a 10-year plan to clean up PCBs, which may be leaking from faulty light fixtures, in about 800 city schools.
Custodian Finds Light Leaking PCBs At I.S. 204 In Long Island City Following another accident involving a leaking light inside a New York City school, parents are demanding action to prevent potential PCB exposure.
Fairfield Hopes To Remove PCBs From Osborn Hill School Before Classes StartIf abatement isn't completed by August 30, the first scheduled school day, then students would start the year at an alternate facility.
New Legislation Seeks To Eradicate PCBs In NY SchoolsMayor Bloomberg signed legislation today relating to the notification and reporting of the possible presence of PCBs in city schools. The presence of toxic PCBs in schools has been a hot button issue for parents for a long time.
Officials Rally, Want DOE To Shorten Timeframe To Rid Schools Of Toxic PCBsAbout 700 New York City Schools have been contaminated with PCBs, and today elected officials called for the Department of Education to shorten its cleanup timetable.
Lease Renewal At Bronx New School Leads To Discovery Of Toxic Chemical TCE When the school's lease came up for renewal, the Department of Education had to test for toxic chemicals and what they found confirmed some parents' fears.
Parents, Lawmakers Push For PCB Testing In NYC SchoolsA group of politicians and parents is demanding that every New York City school built in the middle of the last century be screened for toxic PCBs.
Elevated Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Detected At 3 NYC SchoolsPreliminary tests have detected elevated levels of PCBs at three New York City schools.

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