New Pedicab Rules Aimed At Preventing Riders From Getting Ripped Off Take Effect Drivers will now have to clearly display prices on large signs, carry a stopwatch calibrated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and charge by the minute.
New Rules Will Soon Bring Rogue Pedicab Drivers' Ridiculous Fares To A Screeching HaltIt’s what some call "highway robbery” -- pedicab drivers who have become "roads scholars" at fleecing unsuspecting customers.
Mayor Bloomberg Halts Proposal On NYC Pedicab ChargesMayor Michael Bloomberg hit the brakes Wednesday on a proposal to keep tourist-toting pedicabs from charging confusing, sometimes exorbitant rates.
City Council To Approve Measure Aimed At Clearing Up Pedicab Price Confusion While the current law allows drivers to set their own prices, they are required to disclose that price on clearly posted signs.
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