Phil Pilato

Photo taken at Sloan-Kettering of Phil Pilato

BLOG: Battling Breast Cancer: Sore Throats and Eulogies

The biggest pain about getting the radiation treatment wasn’t the treatment itself – it was getting to Sloan-Kettering every day in the middle of the day.



One Man’s Battle Against Breast Cancer

In December of 2009, long-time 1010 WINS editor Phil Pilato was diagnosed with Stage Two Breast Cancer. Through this blog, he hopes to help others by detailing his own experiences.

1010 WINS–09/28/2010

Phil Pilato

1010 WINS’ Staffer Chronicles Breast Cancer Battle

After a mastectomy, five months of chemo, dealing with my mother’s illness, and working full-time – I think I could safely say I could’ve used a rest – but alas it was not to be.

1010 WINS–09/22/2010