Scam Artists May Have Stalked Social Media To Target Westchester Family In Kidnapping Phone Scheme A Westchester family was hit by an unusual phone scam and the scam artists may have used social media to gather detailed information to target the victims.
Yonkers Police Officer Stops Elderly Man From Falling Victim To Phone ScamIt's a story of a cell phone call, a demand for money, and an elderly victim willing to do anything for a grandchild.
N.J. Family Terrified By Phone Scammers Who Falsely Claim KidnappingsA new phone scam is so sophisticated that it had one New Jersey mother terrified that her son was going to be killed.
Police: Phone Scammers Can Wipe Out Computer, Steal Personal InformationPolice are warning about a new phone scam that can wipe out everything on your computer and steal all of your information.
Police In Rockland County Warn Residents Of Possible 'Russian Hackers' Phone ScamPolice in Rockland County are warning residents about a possible scam after a woman reported getting a call from a man who told her that her computer had been attacked by Russian hackers.
Morris County Prosecutors Warn Of IRS Phone ScamProsecutors said an East Hanover resident received a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS.
Con Artists Prey On Unsuspecting Victims With Kidnapping Phone ScamIt has been a popular scam in the past several years. Con artists have called unsuspecting people claiming a relative is in trouble and needs money wired immediately.
Cons Put New Twist On Old Phone Scam In WyckoffIn Wyckoff, there's a new twist to an old scam.

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