Ask A NYC Expert: Best Ways To Discover New MusicSure, you can stumble over a club on practically any street corner, but which hot spots, music stores and other assorted cool ways to discover new music are worth your time? We turned to music insider, Rick Eberle, for the answers.
Outdoor Pianos Set Up Across New York City For Fourth YearFifty pianos have been put on display across New York City, in an arts movement that has returned for another year.
Record Set In Greenwich Village For Largest Keyboard EnsembleA total of 175 people, both professional and amateur, tickled the electronic ivories
Pianos Pack The Big Apple For Annual 'Sing For Hope' FestivalEighty-eight of the instruments, one for each of the piano's keys, have been placed throughout the city by artists working with Sing For Hope, an organization created by a pair of Julliard graduates, as a resource for artists to engage local communities.
LISTEN: Mets Radio Voice Josh Lewin Shows Musical Aptitude With Boomer & Carton It turns out that the esteemed play-by-play man is an accomplished musician. Not only does he know his Mets, but he can play the piano and hold a tune.
NYC's 5 Best Hipster BarsPut on your foam-mesh trucker's cap and dust off the monogrammed slim-fitting t-shirt, it's time get in touch with your inner-hipster. If you're looking for indie music, oddly named drinks, and a consistently artsy crowd, these are the bars for you.
Public Pianos Returning To New York CityThe pianos will be out for those who can play a little and those who can really play.

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