1.7.13 PIzza making

Couch Competition: Pizza In 60 Seconds…Or Less?

It takes world champion pizza maker Bruno di Fabio 60 seconds to make a pie. How long will it take our hosts?


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NYC’s 6 Best Potato Dishes

The humble potato rarely gets the respect it deserves. The six dishes that follow, however, elevate the potato to something worthy of worship, or at least happy gobbling.


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NYC Food Truck Lunch: White Arugula Pizza From Eddie’s Pizza Truck

Eddie’s has expanded on their initial pizza menu with some nice sandwiches and Italian sliders, but they didn’t have any sandwiches the day we went. Must have been a snafu with the rolls.


Damage from Sandy in Sea Bright, New Jersey - Nov. 6, 2012 (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Stories From Main Street: Sea Bright Restaurant Owner Keeps People Fed After Sandy

No one will go hungry in the Jersey Shore community of Sea Bright. That’s because, following superstorm Sandy, a local restaurant owner and many volunteers are serving up enough food for an army, and they’re getting help from the National Guard.


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New Yorkers Get First Taste Of Sbarro’s New Pizza

The eatery, which first opened in the 1950s in Brooklyn, is going back to its Italian roots with its new Neapolitan-style pizza.


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NY Food Truck Lunch: Sicilian Rice Ball From Jiannetto’s

Jiannetto’s is essentially a mobile pizzeria, with high-temperature pizza ovens in the truck. They serve “Grandma”-style pizza, which has some sauce, and even less cheese.


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NYC’s 7 Best Unconventional Pizzas

Pizza has stopped being simple. The possibilities inherent in a baked (or fried) piece of dough and a few toppings have become limitless. If we didn’t believe such a claim before, several restaurants in New York City are proving its truth right now.


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Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Pizza Topping?


Grill Grrrl Recipe: Grilled Mini Caprese Pizzas

Pizza is not just for ovens anymore. The grill is a great place to do pizza because you get nice grate marks on the dough that adds a nice touch as the grill actually cooks […]


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NY Food Truck Lunch: Lebanese Pizza & Spinach Pies From Toum Truck

The most recent food truck to hit the street is Toum, which is described on the side of the truck as authentic Lebanese cuisine. We can’t vouch for their authenticity, but we can tell you about the menu, the food we tried, and whether we liked it or not.


"New York, Phew York" Art

You Can Now Order A Book That Lets You Sniff Your Way Through NYC

Several months ago, we told you about a book in the works that is right up the alley of those who loves the smells of New York City. Well, now it’s available for pre-order.


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Hoboken’s 7 Best Slices Of Pizza

Hoboken has no shortage of options when it comes to pizza. Here are the best bets, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a night out.

CBS New York–06/07/2012

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NY Food Truck Lunch: Valducci’s Pizza

Valducci’s serves Sicilian-style pizza with various toppings. We went for a slice with fresh ricotta cheese and a slice with fried eggplant on top. Each cost $4 and was about 8″ long.

CBS New York–04/05/2012

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New Jersey’s 7 Best Slices Of Pizza

With so many joints devoted to the revered item throughout the state, choosing just a few was nearly impossible. We know the Garden State prides itself on great pizza – here are our picks for the best slices.


First Lady Michelle Obama holds a plate of food while walking down the school lunchline in the cafeteria at Parklawn Elementary School- Alexandria, VA - Jan 25, 2012 (credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

NYU Professor Reacts To New School Lunches

Even when pizza is on the menu, school lunches are going to be healthier.