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(credit: WLNY TV 10/55)

Third Teen Arrested For Alleged Involvement In Bronx ‘Girl Fight’

A third arrest has been made in a fight between a pair of young girls that was caught on video.


(credit: WLNY TV 10/55)

Pair Of Teens Arrested In Disturbing Fight Between Girls, 6 And 7

Police are also questioning the 17-year-old sister of the younger girl. Authorities said the teen recorded the fight on her phone and posted it on an online hip-hop website.


(credit: WLNY TV 10/55)

Police Seek Teen Who Allegedly Instigated, Recorded Fight Between Girls, 6 And 7

A police source said it was a 17-year-old girl who instigated the fight so she could make a video of it and post it online to become famous.