New Jersey Teen Blames Porn Film For Molesting A WomanA teen in New Jersey is blaming a porn film for his act of molesting a woman.
DA: Former Staten Island Basketball Coach Admits To Sending Porn To Teenage BoysA former Staten Island high school basketball coach admitted this week to sending pornographic videos to two boys.
Suffolk Police: Website Has Been Cataloging Pornographic Photos Of Underage GirlsPolice on Long Island were investigating Tuesday night, after allegations that a website run overseas has been displaying naked and pornographic photos of teenage girls.
Fliers Apparently Recruiting For Porn Studio Appear On New Rochelle College CampusesThe fliers put up near college campuses in New Rochelle looked like any other until people got a close look – a porn producer was apparently looking for new players.
Art Or Pornography? Controversy Erupts Over Racy Student Video Shot At ColumbiaA racy video shot between stacks of books at Columbia University has gone viral, and while the students who made the video have called it art, others have deemed it lewd and pornographic.
Charges Dropped Against L.I. Gym Teacher Accused Of Looking At Porn In SchoolProsecutors told a judge on Sept. 27 they were dismissing charges of child endangerment against Aaron Kozlowski because of insufficient proof.
Report: Arbitrator Rules That Paterson Teacher Should Be Fired For Temper, Profanity, And Incompetence An arbitrator has ruled that a northern New Jersey elementary school teacher should lose his job due to his bad temper, profanity and incompetence.
N.J. Kids Receiving Unsolicited Porn Through Smartphone AppSome teenagers and even pre-teens in New Jersey have been finding unsolicited pornographic pictures appearing on their cell phones, only because they use a certain photo app.
Police: Students Caught L.I. Gym Teacher Looking At PornA Long Island physical education teacher was released without bail Saturday, on charges that he watched porn during school hours and got caught by four students.
Brooklyn Nanny Starts Petition After Learning Adults Can Watch Legal Porn In Public LibrariesCrystal Brister is on a mission to protect children from seeing pornography at the library after her own awful experience.
Teacher's Aide Charged With Making Child Porn Inside Brooklyn SchoolParents said it was bad enough when Tyleek Brooks was allegedly caught last month trading child porn on the Internet. On Tuesday the FBI raided his home, searched his computer, and allegedly found child porn he actually produced.
LES Parents Furious Over 'Pornographic' Art Gallery Across Street From SchoolParents were fuming Friday over steamy paintings at an exhibit they said was too close to their children’s school.

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