post-Christmas blizzard

(credit: Tim in Brooklyn)

Report: NYC Lawmakers Want Regulations For Snow Response

The snow may be finally disappearing, but the Bloomberg Administration was still under fire Wednesday for its response to the post-Christmas blizzard.


Snow blowers on Long Island

There’s No Escaping Snow Misery Anywhere In Tri-State

No matter where you went in the Tri-State Area on Thursday there was no escaping the aftermath of a Wednesday snowstorm that dropped as much as 20 inches in certain spots.


Snow Removal In Manhattan After Blizzard (credit: Getty Images)

Winter Crushes Snow-Removal Budgets In NY, NJ

New York City sets aside $38 million a year for snow removal, but the Bloomberg Administration admits they spent more than that digging out of the post-Christmas blizzard alone.


Christmas Weekend Blizzard in Manhattan (credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Post-Christmas Blizzard Hearings Head To Manhattan

The City Council was expected to receive another dose of blizzard backlash Thursday night.


JetBlue Says Storm Cost About $30M In Lost Revenue

The airline canceled 1,400 flights in a span of five days before, during and after the blizzard. It normally runs 600 flights per day.


Projected snow totals for Jan. 11

Snowstorm To Dump Foot-Plus Across Tri-State

It won’t be as bad as the Blizzard of 2010 but the Tri-State area is once again bracing for some significant snowfall.